Midwest Youth Championships is a JVA-insured event. The tournament is open to all teams regardless of affiliation (USA/AAU/JVA).

Competition Divisions


16 Premier, 16 Club, 15 Premier, 15 Club, 14 Open, 14 Premier, 14 Club, 13 Open, 13 Premier, 13 Club, 12 Open, 12 Premier, 12 Club, 11 Premier, 11 Club, COED 10s (6s), COED 10s (4s), COED 8s (4s)


16 Club, 14 Open, 14 Club, 12s

To register teams, visit Advanced Event Systems or CLICK HERE

Acceptance Policy/Criteria: Teams will be accepted as payment is received. Registration does not guarantee acceptance to the tournament.


ALL adults on rosters MUST complete the following to participate in the event:

  • Clear a background screening (USAV/JVA screen, both accepted)

  • Complete Safesport (USAV OR JVA Abuse Prevention Systems training)

  • Show proof of completion of a concussion training course

All rosters are due May 10, 2019. Rosters submitted after May 10, 2019 are subject to a $50 late roster fee. 


Payment MUST be made by check or money order. ONE CHECK/MONEY ORDER PER CLUB. Teams wishing to pay via CREDIT CARD must contact Stephanie Harms (sharms@premiervolleyball.com) Teams paying via credit card are subject to a $20 credit card fee per entry


Payments to be made to: Premier Academy and mailed to 1630 Market Place Dr., Maumee, OH  43537.

Refunds will be given, less 25%, up until Friday, March 1st, 2019. No refunds will be given thereafter.


All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 5 matches


USA Volleyball Rules for all divisions and age groups with the following exceptions:

COED 8s and COED 10s (4s)

Court size shall be 6m x 6m on each side (instead of 9×9). Net Height shall be 7’0” for COED 10 & unders and 6’8” for COED 8 & unders. Ball used will be a Molten 12 & Under
Players in a smaller space will be more likely to have success moving to, and contacting the ball.
Players on court shall be 4 (instead of 6).
Fewer players on the court means that every player needs to contact the ball more often. It also is easier for a club to field a 4 player team rather than a 6 player team.The Libero rule shall NOT be in effect.
Young players need to learn to play all aspects of the game before specializing. A good Libero could dominate the game at this level. No player may serve more than 5 points in a row. After the 5th point in a row, there will be an automatic side-out (with NO point awarded) and the opponent will resume serving. Rationale: It isn’t very much fun for either team to stand around and watch one player dominate the game from the service line.

BOYS 12s and 14s

Net Height shall be 7’4” for 12 & 14 & unders. Ball used will be a Molten Flyistatec